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Without an air conditioner, living in this hot Singaporean weather can be difficult. Air-conditioning units are just some of the most important home products that help create a cozy family atmosphere. However, AC equipment may be damaged or not functioning due to severe use or mechanical malfunction. Aircon repair is definitely needed.

Maintaining the correct condition of the aircon unit is crucial to prevent further damage to the unit and even to check whether the entire unit has any potential defects that were previously addressed. Some aircon repair company to provide routine inspection and maintenance unit.

The importance of routine aircon repair

The ideal maintenance frequency for AC devices is once a year, even if you do not see any problems or disturbances in the device. There may be some internal problems that you may not notice from the beginning, and those problems may follow as the month progresses.

An aircon unit that has been idle for many years without any maintenance may lose its efficiency. This may result in the device blowing a small amount of cold air into the room, even if it is maximized. Dust and debris adhering to the filter in the room may cause a decrease in the coolness of the room as compared to the case of AC cleanliness.

Ideally, airconservicing should be encouraged until summer, as this will reduce the chance of waiting in line for technicians. Most people usually realist the important of their aircon unit, especially in the warmest months of the year, which are really useful to avoid the crowd before you ask for the exchange to be repaired and overhauled. Here the Best Singapore Aircon Servicing Company

Aircon repair and maintenance services

Services generally cover the following:

. Filter maintenance.

Filters protect the internal components of the AC from various particles, thereby reducing the efficiency of the equipment. Maintenance of this area involves cleaning and removing all kinds of dust particles that have adhered to the filter plate.

. Inspecting Condensing Unit .

Condenser is responsible for the gas into liquid, affecting the coolness of the room. Each time the unit is turned on, this check ensures that the gas remains cool while the gas is in the liquid state.

. Compressor checking

Compressor is used to eliminates the heat from the outside air. Checking this area usually requires careful dusting or oiling.

. Fan check.

This includes outdoor and indoor fans. The indoor fan is highly connected to the evaporator to ensure that the air cools and is ready for distribution to the room. On the other hand, the outdoor fan moves to circulate the air from the condenser for cooling. Check these parts need to check whether the air flow inside and outside the AC will be damaged.

. Other tests.

In addition to the inspection of the main part of the AC power, maintenance work includes water leakage , hearing abnormal noise, and possible external damage due to the presence of faulty components.

Things you can do at home to make sure your aircon works well

In addition to getting access to air-conditioning experts, there are ways to do it at home to ensure that your aircon unit functions best. Here are just a few tips to help maintain the conditions of this family.

Check the sound.

The disturbing loud noise from the AC unit may mean that some of the parts inside are moved, overloaded or require lubrication. Often, technicians use certified cleaning materials to clean the device without damaging the device.

Check the entire unit.

Are the exposed areas clean or require dusting? Is the aircon unit installed very well, or is there additional space left in the room that could cause indoor air leakage to the outdoor environment? Often, the tape is enough to guarantee these spaces. It will also work with an extra wooden panel to cover it up.

Check the button and configuration.

After the unit is switched on? After opening the button, how much time does it take for the entire room to cool down? If not open, it means the device is damaged. However, if there is a long delay from adjustment to cooling, there must be some dust particles inside the unit.

Check the thermostat of the device and measure with a thermometer.

This can help you to check for differences, especially if you are not sure if the AC is working effectively. Dust may be a major factor in the rapid failure of aircon units.


Observe the accumulated dust on the filter board and wash with water.

While this is easy to do on your own, you can also have your professional technicians clean the panel during your daily aircon maintenance appointment.

Check the pool or leak.

Leaking usually means that there are cracks or holes in the connector or pipe. Any move can be easily enhanced to its original location. However, if there is a leak or crack, the entire line needs to be replaced, which should be done by a qualified technician.

Make sure the best performance of the exchange equipment

Regular exchange of maintenance can save you a lot of money for a long time. This may be a precautionary measure that can help you check your items for possible defects and then cause significant damage when placed individually. When your aircon unit is working well, you can save a lot of electricity, mainly because you do not have to adjust the thermostat to the coldest level. This can help you manage the monthly electricity bill your AC consumes.


Ensuring that your AC is working well can provide many benefits to you and your home. In practical terms, considerable progress can be made by obtaining routine air-conditioning services and periodic inspections.

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