What things have to be checked when purchasing a pool table?

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Buying a pool table for your home can be an amazing idea to get social. You can invite friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors to a friendly game at home and get to know each other well. no doubt it is a great idea and fun to have a pool table at you home but these tables make an expensive deal and you need to be very alert when purchasing a table, whether new or old one so your investment does not go in vein and you don’t have to regret your decision in the later years.

Here we have gathered a list form the experts of the pool table users and we reveal in this list what factors you need to consider when making your purchase of the pool table. You can buy these tables online as well from the websites that provide trading for the new or old stuff.

List of essentials for a pool table

So let us get on with the list of essentials from our experts.

  • Check the type of frame

Tables can be made up of several types of frames ranging from wood to MDF. Both are very extraordinary types of the frames and you can get the one that suits you the best. Check for the three beams of the table so that the weight of the table is evenly distributed on them.

  • Check the slate and the pockets

Further you need to check the slate and the state of the slate. Then you will check the pockets of the table. The pockets could be made up from rubber, leather or some other material used for making the pouches and pockets. When that all of them are in good condition.

  • If you are shopping online, consider the following

If you are making the purchase of the pool table online through amazaon or ebay kind of websites then you have to make sure that the seller has mentioned the shipping costs as well. Also make sure that the pictures of the table are clear and you can make the most out of them.

  • Check the size of the pool table according to your space

The pool tables from Connelly typically come in three sizes that is 7ft, 8ft and 9ft, so check which one will be suitable for your space and make sure that there would be room to roam around the table easily and each player can easily strike with their sticks without any hindrance.

What things have to be checked when purchasing a pool table?

  • Price of the installation to be considered

You have to understand that the professionals will have to come and install the table for you at your place so you will bear the cost of installation of the table as well and you will have to keep it in mind while making the purchase.

  • Are they accepting returns?

Check whether the seller allows you to return the table in case you do not find according to you needs. What will be the conditions for returning etc.

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